Review Of SandysShop on Storenvy

So, I bought a pair of tights and socks.  Today, I just received them in the mail and am proud to do my first review for them

Starting off with the Crochet Lace Socks

These are a nice cream/off white color. They reach about above the ankle, but I prefer them as ankle socks more, so there tends to be extra material I just pull up under the ruffles.

The design over all is nice and the ruffles are cute. I am very pleased with the product and can’t wait to wear them with any coordinates I have.

They can be found right here in an assortment of colors.

Now for the Tights

My first thought when pulling these out of the package, they’re very soft! I loved the material they used as they’re very durable and dont seem to stretch and lose shape or have the patterns stretched when I wore them. ¬†Once I had them on, they were light and breathable. Perfect wear for the hotter seasons I would bet.

These tights only come in one color but can be found here.

I am so glad to have bought these two items and can’t wait to get a chance to review more items in the future!

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